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  Business philosophy:
  People who handshake with Huihang, will always be friends of Huihang!
  Let customer to success, which is the Huihang pursuit forever!
  Enterprise development goals:
  Adhere to innovation, wisdom forge the brand, let China gypsum board machinery go to the world from Huihang company.
  1) People oriented, winning out by excellence, integrity foremost, mutual benefit;
  2) High quality shows our dignity. Quality not only refers to product quality, but also involves an all-around optimization of product, personality, goodwill and service as well as the cultivation of quality culture and creation of quality environment.  Huihang Machinery has been committing itself to creating a world-famous brand of its own.
  3) Providing customers with excellent mechanical equipment production line and technical service. Huihang has been pursuing excellent product and service with a strong customer focus so as to meet the customers’ actual and potential requirements and convince the customers of its products by means of meticulous manufacture and first-rate service.
  4) Establish production base for internationally advanced production line of gypsum plaster board and gypsum powder equipments; turn itself into a supplier of first-rate gypsum board production line equipments and create a Huihang machinery brand of international renown.
  5) Recruit talents at home and abroad. Let a person do all he can to his wisdom in the HuiHang mechanical platform. Working principles are as follows: scientific decision-making, goal oriented tasks, responsibility for quality, security, prevention of environmental awareness, systematic management, execution procedures, stylized dynamic examination, standardized operation, work standardization, innovation and persistence.

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Yinhua Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

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