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High-strength gypsum∥ type anhydrite powder production line

Type II anhydrite powder belongs to high-strength gypsum powder, also known as high-temperature gypsum, which is calcined in a rotary kiln at high temperature (≥650℃). Type II anhydrous gypsum powder has a long setting time, and the setting time can be adjusted by an activator to achieve fixed-length solidification; type II anhydrite powder has the same waterproof performance as cement and is not afraid of water, and is widely used in exterior wall plastering plaster, exterior wallboard Wait.
Production line advantage
1. The excellent natural water-resistant properties of Type II anhydrite powder make Type II anhydrite powder gradually become a substitute for some cements. High strength, water erosion resistance, mixed with appropriate amount of slag and other ingredients can be used as gypsum cement;
2. It can be used as exterior wall plastering gypsum mortar by adding appropriate amount of water-retaining agent and sand, and its performance is far better than that of plastering gypsum mortar made of building gypsum powder.
3. Type II anhydrite powder can be used instead of α high-strength gypsum to make high-strength gypsum building materials, exterior wall building materials, paperless gypsum boards, fiber-reinforced gypsum boards, etc.
4. Due to the high calcination temperature of type II anhydrite powder, most of the organic matter in the gypsum can be burned off; the organic matter in the phosphogypsum can be effectively removed.
5. The continuous rotary kiln is used for calcination; the heat source can be natural gas or coal. The waste heat of the flue gas after calcination enters the drying kiln for drying, which saves energy and reduces the production cost.
6. The anti-corrosion treatment of the equipment is in place, and a large number of stainless steel materials such as high temperature and wear-resistant materials such as 310S are used, and special anti-corrosion coatings; high-temperature anti-corrosion dust collectors are environmentally friendly and have long equipment life.
Technical indicators

Annual output (ton/year)

Energy consumption

Quality Index

Standard coal (kg/t)

Natural gas (m³/t)

Light diesel oil (kg/t)

Flexural strength (MPa)

Initial setting time

Flexural strength (dry)

Compressive strength (dry)

Water absorption (%)











3000~10000 adjustable




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